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by - Sunday, August 21, 2016

status hair salon

It's been months since I last visited a salon. My short hair turned medium in length and my hair color has already faded. It gets harder to maintain because it's dry and somewhat frizzy. That's when I decided to go (for the first time) to Status Hair SalonCavite for a hair makeover.

Status Hair Salon specializes in haircut, hair color, and hair treatment since 2011. They offer wide array of hair and beauty services for trendy and hip individuals. Status Salon is proven and recommended by various bloggers and TV personalities.

It was in Robinsons Galleria where the owners, Robina and Roseann Ko, set up the first Status Hair Salon and then subsequently acquired branches in Quezon City. Now they are trying to tap into a new market. Earlier this year, Status Hair Salon opened a branch in Imus, Cavite. It was the first branch in whole Cavite area. Status Hair SalonCavite operates with three (3) stylists who are experts in hair styling and hair care. Right now the brand, Status Hair Salon, has hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers.

My first Status Hair Salon experience

This was my first Status Hair Salon experience and I was impressed with the staffs. They are very customer oriented and friendly. Sir Jin was assigned to be my stylist for the day. We talked about a lot of things including his experience in the industry. In his 15 years of service, he had a chance to handle some TV personalities such as Melanie Marquez and also had sidelines on concerts. He previously worked in a salon in Makati. But right now, he is a full time hairstylist at Status Hair SalonCavite.

On that day, I intended to have a layered haircut and balayage highlights. As much as possible, I want it to be fairly light cos (in my opinon) bright blonde colors don't blend well with my skin color. At first I was hesitant but Sir Jin guided me all throughout.

Now, here's the result of my haircut and balayage highlights.

Sir Jin applied a shade of brown and foil highlights. Unfortunately, the color is not apparent on cam. But if you come to see it personally, it's medium brown in color.
Here's how the accent looks like. Note: This is a saturated picture. But this one is pretty much closer to the current tone of my hair than the previous one.

Final words!

Status Hair Salon-Cavite crew!!

Service: I am really satisfied with my haircut and hair colorstudent friendly yet consistent with the trend. I love it! The quality of service is worth every cent!

Place: The place is refreshing and fairly spacious. They have waiting area and lots of magazines! Washroom is available also.

WiFi: Sadly, not available.

Price: Status Hair Salon rates are pretty much competitive as to top hair salons in Cavite.


Enjoy a luxurious hair treat from Status Hair SalonCavite. They have an ongoing promo on hair color and treatments. Please see the details below and don't forget to follow their social media accounts for updates!

Yes, you can DIY your hair but are you doing it right? Status Hair Salon is there to help you achieve your dream hair. Visit Status Hair Salon for professional hair care experience!

Status Hair SalonCavite
City Mall Anabu, Imus, Cavite
Mobile nos.: 0922 888 4487 | 0995 678 1636
Hours: 9AM-9PM

Disclaimer: Sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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  1. For hair salon, as long as magkasundo kayo ng stylist diba? If I understand correctly, diba usually people go for stylist who can do their hair well? Iyan kasi din ang madalas kong marinig. So good na maganda naman ang experience mo sa Status Hair. #AmazingLifeDaily

  2. I've been hearing a lot about this salon from people in Luzon. They evidently keep up with the trends. I wish they would branch out here in Cebu especially that their rates are very student-friendly. I wouldn't hesitate to go.

  3. You look great on your new hair color for me. Sadly it's in the South and we live here in Rizal so this place is too far from us it's like from one Edge to another. I recently had my hair rebonded also in one of the salons near us and I was happy with the result.

  4. This sounds great. Your hair looks great. I don't like going to the hairdresser haha. Nothing to do with the hairdressers. But I don't being stuck in a chair haha. But of course I do go :).

  5. Ang mura naman ng rebond nila, 1500 any length naba ito? kasi the last time na nagparebond ako it was 4 months ago na, I paid 2000 pero may color na. Nice din ang hair color nila ang mura din...

  6. Love the hair. i do believe that hair would sometimes make or break a person's over all look. There are peeps who could carry a messy bun while others look prim and proper with wavy style. I had my hair colored for the second time (the first time when still in college so many years ago) and it looks gorgeous. Now that the color is wearing off, i somehow regret having my hair colored as I do not always have the time to go to salon for maintenance. Nonetheless, it was a nice experience as well.

  7. I think your hair looks fantastic! I especially like the color because it looks really natural. I do not like that "zebra" look some highlights can give us brunettes. I haven't been to the salon in a few months, but now I want to go!

  8. For a working Mom like me, I love to experiment my hair with what's "in", it's a way for me to feel good about myself. Also, our hair is our crowning glory and salons are our best friend with it comes to that.

    Their price is indeed catching. Do they have a branch here in Antipolo?

  9. For a working Mom like me, I love to experiment my hair with what's "in", it's a way for me to feel good about myself. Also, our hair is our crowning glory and salons are our best friend with it comes to that.

    Their price is indeed catching. Do they have a branch here in Antipolo?

  10. there are so many salons popping up these days. But sad to say, only a few provides good quality of service. I bet this Status Hair Salon comes in high end service indeed just basing on your feedback. Do they have other branches aside from CAvite?

  11. Oh this is just one ride away from my place! I'm sure my mom and my sister will love this place! This is definitely their ideal place to pamper. For a guy like me kasi I am satisfied na with that 50Php worth haircut LOL
    I do love your hair by the way!