Hello there! My name is Cheryle. I am a business graduate from FEU Manila. Ever since I was young, my hobbies are making handmade crafts and hand lettering. (Fun fact: I kinda inherited it from my tito and tita who were twins.) I'm the "taong-bahay" so my hobbies are usually in an indoor setting although I also played volleyball and badminton in the past. As of now, my hobbies have evolved and I'm starting to love journalling and visual art as well. All thanks to my inspirations: Abbey Sy, Noor Unnahar, and Sofia Cope. They're all great in their field!

The Daily Whim is a creative lifestyle blog wherein I incorporate the things I love doing, the events I've attended, my creative progress, and my other side projects. I'm quite an impulsive human being, hence the name of this blog.

If you want to know more about me, you may follow me on instagram (that's where I'm most active):
@ramoscheryle (my personal account) and @cherylemakes (my art+life account)

Also, if you think I'm fit for your projects, I'm willing to collab. Email me at: mail.cheryleramos@gmail.com